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October 2020

Let there be light!” As dramatic moments go, that was one of the very best of ’em. It wasn’t just talk. It was a display of power so mighty that no mere mortal can duplicate it. Our God, Who existed before there was existence, could no longer contain His Love. And so the universe began, and ultimately, He placed us in it.

Things are different today, certainly less dramatic. If we want light, we flip a switch. If we want power, we press a button. The fact of the matter is that throughout the day we flip and press lots of them. We live in an electronic world, one that powers our alarm clocks, toothbrushes, stoves, cars, elevators, computers, toys, televisions, iWhatevers, and even the mattresses we long to hit after a day of flipping switches and pressing buttons.

We can do it because of power grids. A grid is an interconnected network of generating stations, voltage-booster substations, and miles and miles of transmission lines that feed our massive need for power. Amazingly, there are only three grids servicing the U.S., all connected but operating independently. But because we take our access to power for granted, we ignore that it is vulnerable to loss. A power surge from a single bolt of lighting can knock out power to thousands of users for miles around and days long.

Worse, a power surge can kill—and in more ways than by electrocution. It can kill by the millions, and already has. At the Democratic convention, Nancy Pelosi—currently third in line for the Presidency—spoke about her concept of power. “We are unleashing the power of women to take our rightful place in our national life by championing a woman’s right to choose and defending Roe v. Wade.”  Her statement is ironic beyond description, for to supposedly empower women, she would steadfastly deny a “rightful place in our national life” to millions of people yet to be born. As bad as that is, millions of Catholics and Christians will vote for Democrats candidates from Biden/Harris on down. And with those votes, Nancy Pelosi’s dream of unleashing the wrong kind of power threatens to be our never-ending nightmare.

That nightmare starts with a gross misconception of power. Simply stated, power is the ability to act. But by itself, power is neutral. It searches for a purpose, and that purpose will determine whether the power is legitimate or not. The power to “choose” does not tell us anything about its morality until we decide what we are choosing. It’s why the Democrats never mention what they are choosing. For it is death, or more precisely, killing.

The tragedy of the Democrats’ love affair with abortion is not just how it kills the innocent. Nor is it only how it preys on women’s fears to gain power for themselves. Or how the Democrats think that women’s greatest needs are jobs, sex, and self-gratification. It’s also how the Democrat leadership thinks that by pedaling abortion, they are empowering women when, in fact, they are enslaving them. It shows that for all their pandering to women, the Democrat leadership really doesn’t understand women at all. Not their nature. Not their gifts. Not their power.

Women naturally exhibit the qualities that men often lack. Women have a seemingly innate ability to nurture even in the most trying circumstances. They draw strength from their willingness to freely sacrifice themselves for the good of others. It is part of their gift. St. Teresa of Calcutta had children—an orphanage filled with them.   One day, as she begged for bread for the children, a spiteful baker spit at her. Wiping her face, she responded: “Okay, that was for me. Now what about the bread for the orphans.” Shamed by her humility and moved by her unrelenting desire to find food for the little ones, the baker gave her the bread—and later gave again and again. It happened because of her sacrificial love. That’s power.

Perhaps the greatest irony of Nancy Pelosi’s convention remarks is that they were so inconsistent with her life. Pelosi married in 1963, and within a year the Pelosi’s were blessed with their first child. By 1971 they had five. She spent many years just being a mom, tending to all the things that moms do for their families. “It really shapes you.” She credits the demands of motherhood as her motivation to fight for children.   She did not hold political office until 1987, when she was 47 years old. Pelosi’s life proves that women can raise a family and have a career without need of abortion. Tragically, Pelosi has betrayed her own life story as the Democrats thirst for political power. Literally, they are support killing in an effort to get it.

The real power of women lies in affirming life, not taking it. A woman who touches the life of her child changes the world. She can teach the ways of virtue. She can help her child grow into authentic manhood or womanhood. By her sacrificial love, she can be the hero every child needs. She can set her child on the path of greatness, revealed in big and little ways. She can literally build the next generation into something much better than her own. Think of how many people have attributed their successes in life to their mothers. A mother lives beyond her years. That’s amazing power.

Pelosi and her Democrat cohorts are wrong. Abortion unleashes nothing but death, destruction, and untold misery. It wastes the lives of children and squanders the true gifts of mothers to fashion those children in the ways God intends. Democrat politicians support legal abortion for a single reason: so they can regain power for themselves. They really don’t care about women or children. If they did, they wouldn’t support legal abortion.

For the Democrats, legal abortion is the power surge, and it is more harmful than anything electrical. Come Election Day, our jobs are to protect the grid of humanity, for through it God’s light will shine in all His children. Let there be Light.


Paul V. Esposito is a Catholic lawyer who writes on a variety of pro-life topics. He and his wife Kathy live in Elmhurst, Illinois and have six children.

© Paul V. Esposito 2020. Culture of Life. Permission to copy and distribute for pro-life purposes is granted. Visit us at and on Facebook.

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