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We are at war. It has nothing to do with Iraq or Afghanistan.

On January 22, 1973, a divided United States Supreme Court held in Roe v. Wade that a right to abortion on demand is guaranteed by the Constitution. I was then a first-year law student. Most of us did not realize back then that Roe was a declaration of war against our most cherished principle: the inalienable, God-given right to life of all human beings. We know it now. Our culture is a war with itself, and quite literally, the stakes are life and death. The casualties from this war are mind boggling. So far, about 49 million innocent unborn have been killed, some only moments before natural birth. Hundreds if not thousands of unsuspecting women have died due to abortion. Countless others have been made life-long prisoners to the regret, shame, grief, and anger caused by abortion. Marriages, families, and relationships of all kinds have been torn asunder by it.

The culture of death has advanced deep within our society. Whole generations have now been fed the lies that life is cheap and that killing is a matter of right. Human cloning and embryonic stem cell research, assisted suicide, the marketing of aborted body parts, the giving of contraceptives to children, the forced transportation of children to obtain abortions, the denial of a right of conscientious objection to doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, and the starvation of the infirm, among others, are considered by many as acceptable. The culture of death has infected our arts and music, or legal and educational systems, our politics, even our ability to carry on civil discourse.

Ground lost does not return on its own. As Christians, we are called to fight back against the madness, to offer ourselves as soldiers marching against the culture of death. In that spirit, I offer Culture of Life. I am a Catholic lawyer, married with six children. I have watched our culture decay. But I have also watched the efforts of so many who have fought back against the madness. I hope to do the same. Through my own regular essays and through links to pro-life materials and resources, I hope to provide needed ammunition for the battle.

Paul V. Esposito

Paul V. Esposito

The fight may be long, but we need not worry about that. It will be difficult, but we can fight with confidence and even joy. For Christ has already conquered sin through His Cross. The victory is His. And it will be His again. We only need to remain faithful to His call for as long as He calls. That is our work.

Together, let us rebuild respect for God’s greatest creations.

Paul V. Esposito
Culture of Life

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