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Mail Fraud

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January 2022

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” These days, the message has been modernized: We deliver. Though much maligned, the postal system is an incredible machine delivering millions of letters and packages every day. For the price of a stamp, we can send messages all over the world. Who doesn’t enjoy opening a letter from a dear friend?

But the ease of sending mail makes the system subject to abuse. In 1920, Charles Ponzi played on international postal reply coupons, promising a 50% return on investment in just 45 days. Ponzi confounded postal inspectors by paying off earlier investors with money defrauded from later ones—the infamous Ponzi pyramid scheme. It fetched him $15 million in eight months. In 1971, Clifford Irving bilked a book publisher out of $750,000 by forging documents supposedly written by billionaire reclusive Howard Hughes. Televangelist Jim Bakker of PTL Club fame made millions through fraudulent promises of lifetime vacations at his resort. Eventually, the government caught up with all of them. They were convicted of mail fraud.

The government’s pursuit of mail fraud perpetrators is not limited to ending financial scams. As it should, the federal Food and Drug Administration has taken an active role in protecting public health and safety. As one of its “top priorities,” the FDA has targeted products falsely claiming to improve health or treat disease. It recently obtained mail-fraud guilty pleas from three corporate managers who included unlabeled ingredients in a weight loss dietary supplement. In another case, a Florida man pled guilty to mail fraud for distributing dietary supplements containing unapproved and illegal drugs. In a third case, the sales manager of a Chinese company pled guilty to mail fraud for putting synthetic stimulant ingredients in a weight loss supplement. The message from prosecutors is consistent: “Americans should be able to trust the products they consume are safe.

And they should, which makes what’s now happening so disturbing. The mails are being used to distribute a product being fraudulently touted as safe and effective for women. In fact, it has directly caused the deaths of numerous women nationwide. Thousands of women have suffered life-threatening or severe injuries from it, with many more to come. Statistics like that should be setting off alarms throughout the FDA. They should be causing Congress to immediately investigate. But they aren’t, and at least for now, they won’t. Why?

Because, sad to say, the federal government is behind the fraud. The product is RU-486. Its purpose is to kill. And that suits the Biden Administration just fine. RU-486 is a combination of two pills used to produce a chemical abortion. The first pill—mifepristone—cuts off a pregnant woman’s supply of the hormone progesterone, which causes a breakdown of the lining of her uterus and so deprives her unborn baby of blood and food. The baby starves to death. The second pill—misoprostol—is taken 24-48 hours later. It causes severe cramping, contractions, and often heavy bleeding as a woman expels the dead baby.

Any product that has killing as its object cannot be made safe. It’s why President Biden’s recent action is so absolutely reckless. The FDA has permanently eliminated the requirement that a women see a doctor before obtaining RU-486. Now, a woman can receive the pills through the mail, no questions asked.

But questions need asking. The FDA warns that mifepristone should not be used in cases involving ectopic pregnancy (baby implanted outside the womb), problems with adrenal glands, long-term steroid use, allergic reactions to the RU-486 or “similar” drugs, bleeding problems, use of anticoagulants, or inherited porphyria. Detecting an ectopic pregnancy requires an ultrasound. A woman would not know “similar” drugs, let alone allergic reactions to them. Nor would she know the signs of problems with adrenal glands (near her kidneys) or inherited porphyria. Mifepristone should not be taken beyond ten weeks of pregnancy. What if a woman doesn’t know the week?  Now, consider that the pill is being marketed to poor and uneducated women as well as to women in rural areas often lacking easy access to medical care.

The tragic effects of RU-486 is alarming. Chemical abortions are four times riskier than surgical abortions. An almost nine-year study documented 3,197 complications, including 20 deaths, 529 life-threatening, 1,957 severe, 151 moderate, and three mild complications. They include failed abortions, incomplete abortions (baby parts or placenta remaining in the womb), and massive hemorrhages. Expect more—39% of all abortions are now chemically caused.

There is another risk to women: dangerous men. Around the country men have been convicted of slipping girlfriends abortion drugs when they refused abortions. With men’s easier access to the abortion drug by mail, women will be subject to greater risk.

Why is this happening? Because the Biden administration puts profits over women’s safety. When abortionists profit, politicians like the president and members of his party score money for their war chests. That’s how the fraud works. Women are their victims.

In case anyone forgot: we elected them.

Paul Esposito is a Catholic lawyer who writes on a variety of pro-life topics.  He and his wife Kathy live in Elmhurst, Illinois and have six children.
© Paul V. Esposito 2022.  Culture of Life.  Permission to copy and distribute for pro-life purposes is granted.  Visit us at and on Facebook.

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    I’m so happy to find you’re still writing. I have a lot of catching up to do!

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